When a student first decides to study abroad, he really has no or very little idea about the whole scenario of overseas education. There are several countries where students go for education. Each country has several universities each of which offer hundreds of courses. Some of the obvious questions that come to the students mind are:

  1. What courses / subject should I study?
  2. Which country should I study in?
  3. Which universities should I apply to?
  4. What will be the total cost of my education?

If you choose the country, university and courses on your own or on the basis of friends/ peers/ relatives advice without an expert’s advice you land up making wrong decisions.

If you visit university agents they will only recommend the universities they represent

However If you take our personalized , unbiased and professional counseling you are sure to land up making the best decisions and choose the universities, courses and countries that suit you best. One of our key strengths is our ability to provide the highest quality of personalized counseling to each student.

We respect and treat the personal requirements of each student on a case to case basis.

We take into consideration several aspects of the students before starting our decision making e.g.

  1. Past academic performance of the student, his areas of strength and weakness.
  2. All round talent and performance in non academic activities.
  3. Students preferred courses / subjects, his reasons for selecting the subject; does he have any passion for it and whether he will be able to perform well in that subject.
  4. The country/countries and universities that are better suited for the courses of students choice.
  5. What are the students future career aspirations. Does he wish to stay back and work in the country of study? Does he aim to settle there?
  6. Total cost of education, students own financial status, own funds, bank loan, other borrowings. What are his c hances of scholarship?

After considering the above and several other factors we start the process of detailed and personalized counseling sessions .These sessions are face to face and can also be done through exchange of mails or on telephone but all the critical stages of admission are done at our office to ensure success.

We enjoy a reputation of getting students admitted to the courses and universities that best matches and suits them..