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Once the universities have received your application, we get into top gear. There is a lot of work to be done. The first task is to confirm your application has been successfully received by the person / department responsible for processing. We will check up if the universities have received all the supporting documents .If they require more documents and information we make sure they receive it as soon as possible.

We will then follow up all your applications systematically with the university and increase your chances of admission and get an offer as early as possible. You may also be required to give certain tests like English proficiency tests and other aptitude tests sets.

We also have to keep forwarding results of (a) The aptitude test scores (b) English proficiency test and (c) your school board / college final examination mark sheet as and when they are declared.

We will also forward copies of various certificates / awards and letters of appreciation you got during school/ college to further make your case stronger.

Within 6 to 12 weeks of submitting applications you will start receiving offers or conditional offers or refusals. As we carry out the entire application process carefully, we will expect admission offers from many universities and you will have to make one final choice.

Once you send your confirmation the university will send a final confirmation form based on which you can apply for a study Visa. Universities in different countries will send a different form to you e.g. I-20 for USA; CAS for UK; eCOE for Australia.

You will now have to do the following.

  • Apply for a study Visa.
  • Apply for student accommodation.
  • Apply for a bank loan.

All these are tedious tasks and we will give you full help and assistance to ensure you all success.