Types of Program and Requirement


We hold a number of sessions before actually filling and submission of applications. The process in understanding the studentàs goals and background; methodically which country, universities and courses to apply to apply to and explaining the complete application process and drawing a schedule. Some steps include:


We will hold detailed sessions with you and discuss your aims and desires. You will have to clearly tell us your academic background, work experience,strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. If you have not made up your mind tell us so. You must be frank as you are discussing with a counselor who wants highly personalized fissional unbiased to give you the best personalized seines. Your parents are most welcome to join during discussions.


The most important stage of the admission process comes before you start filling up the application forms. Choosing the correct combination of an ideal course, a good university and the country of study is a serious exercise this as a very important decisions about your higher studies determines your future career.

At this stage we aim to select the courses and universities that best match your study and career goals, keeping in mind your academic profile, your strengths and weaknesses, financial capabilities, your all round talent your personality & future goals.


There are thousands of universities abroad to choose from and students will not be in a position to correctly assess the value and rating of different courses or universities. Our work is to find a perfect fit between the student, and suggest courses and the universities keeping the interests and talents of each student individually. To start with we prepare an initial list of about 18 to 20 universities which may be from different countries.

While selecting the Universities we keep in mind that University is of good standing, the courses offer good Job opportunities after graduation, the tuition and other costs, scholarship prospects, the immigration rules of the country etc.


We start with the initial list of 18 to 20 courses/universities and keep interacting with you and take your feedbacks, study your latest mark sheets, your IELTS/TOEFL/SAT/GRE/GMAT scores, your financial position, job prospects after graduation, immigration rules of that country and try to gradually limit the final shortlist of 8 to 10 universities.


After the final shortlist is arrived at, we create the final time table/schedule/deadline of all the activities to be done for applying to each university to ensure timely application.