Before making any decision you must get an in depth insight and full authentic information on every university you are considering. You require information on every aspect several aspects of the universities including standing of the university; how much does it fit in with your study goals; how strong is it in your area of specialization; details of the courses / course structure, work rules during study and after study; scholarships options; accommodation and food facilities; cost breakdowns etc.

These information will only be found partially in catalogs or web sites and many web sites give a biased picture and can mislead you.

Questions you may want us to answer

  • Which are the best universities in my subjects of interest?
  • Am I choosing the correct course or should I study something else?
  • What are the courses structures like?
  • What specializations does each course provide?
  • Which is a better specialization to choose as per current industry demands?
  • How long can I remain in the country and work after completing my studies abroad? s
  • What are the rules for a proper work Permit/Visa in future?

Due to the immense experience of our senior advisers in overseas education we have a deep knowledge of all aspects of education in several countries up to date information on over 200 top universities, thousands of courses and the future career prospects in each country.

We make sure your final choices are arrived at after a personalized analysis of your exact requirements. All cases are handled by competent counselors who have up-to-date knowledge of all top universities, their popular courses, benefits of studying in each country, future work rules and job prospects.