Questions Student Ask


There are hundreds of good courses to choose from students have to find which course they like to do , feel they have a talent for and suits their future ambition.

The list of popular courses includes:

Management & Business (BBA/MBA), Economics, Electronics & telecommunications, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Mobile Technology, Network systems, Bio sciences, Biotechnology, Bio-informatics, Genetics, Mass Communication, Journalism & Media, Accounting & Finance, Dentistry, Fine arts, Fashion Design, Food Science, Geology, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, International Politics, Commercial Cookery, Tourism & Hospitality, Advertising, Media Film & TV Production, Graphics Design, Animation & Multimedia, Advertising, Photography, Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Planning, Commercial Pilot License and the list continues .

The questions posed by students are:

  • How do I choose my course?
  • How do I know that I am fit for this course?
  • I want to know the future career prospects after completing this course.
  • What are the course contents of the course?
  • I want comparison of such courses offered by different universities.

We will hold detailed discussions with you and counsel you on all aspects and any other question that arises in your mind.


Once a student decides on course the next questions that come to mind are:
  • Which country should I study in?
  • What is the way of choosing the country?
  • Which university should I apply to?
  • Where do I stand a chance of getting selected?
  • Which country allows students to work during and after studies?
  • In which country will it the cost of study be lower?
  • In which country do I have a better chance to settle in?

These are obvious questions and we have up to date information to provide you the best counseling on deciding where to study.


The process of application starts after you have decided on the course subject you want to study the country where you want to study and have short listed universities.

The obvious question is "How do I apply".

To answer this we explain to the student:

  • The guidelines and procedures for applying to the universities which generally varies from country to country.
  • The education requirements, the aptitude test required (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT), supporting documents required for applying. These too depend on the country you have chosen.
  • How to set up an application schedule/monthly calendar mentioning list of activities for each month. This calendar can be spread over 6 to 9 months. Application deadline also vary from country to country.
  • We also to country explain and guide you on how to register, start filling up application forms and how to make your application very impressive. By availing our services students are assured that their chances of admission are maximized.